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Lightweight Marine
Carbon Fibre Toilets


Hand Crafted Carbon Fibre Toilets for Racing Yachts

Hand Crafted Carbon Fibre Toilets for Racing Yachts

When style and weight matters, there is nothing like carbon fibre and titanium to make the difference. Sleek, modern and individually handcrafted by a skilled boatbuilder to a high-quality finish, these toilets will fit beautifully into any marine interior.

​Rather than refitting your head with a full carbon fibre toilet, we are offering a replacement carbon bowl, seat and lid for your existing toilet. This not only saves weight but also prevents the need to change the plumbing system already in place. The video below shows how easy it is to ft.

The white gel-coat surface on the inner bowl provides an easy-clean hygienic surface and the outer bowl has an attractive satin urethane varnish for a hard-wearing finish. The titanium hinges can't be beaten for lightweight durability.


About us

Carbon Fibre-toilets are custom built and made to order specifically for racing yachts. Designed and built on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. 


Retrofitting your carbon toilet


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Carbonfibre Toilets


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