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Why choose a carbon fibre toilet for your racing yacht and what to consider when buying.

Custom designed toilets for racing yacht. Some key info to know.

Carbon Fibre is more than 5.5kg (12lbs.) lighter than traditional marine toilets

Every ounce matters when racing on the water. Our carbon bowls are more than 5.5kg (12lbs) lighter than traditional marine toilet bowls, seats and lids.

The toilet bowl construction is 2 skins of carbon fibre sandwiching a foam core. This is very similar to the hull construction on board almost all race boats, producing maximum strength with the minimum of materials , thus reducing weight.

The inner skin or inside the bowl is first surfaced using a white gel coat for ease of cleaning. This gel is formulated specifically to be used with epoxy resin and a layer of carbon.

The outer skin of the bowl is laminated in pre-preg carbon in multiple layers to give that great look and strength. These 2 skins are separated by a structural core that when combined, produce a product that is light and strong, hygienic and fantastic to look at.

The seat and lid are also constructed using a core of foam where practical, to produce light , strong products. They are held in place by 2 titanium hinges that have been designed specifically for this toilet, to give long-lasting and lightweight function.

You may have seen carbon fibre used on other yachts to create an expensive and luxurious feel. This, combined with the weight-saving, is excellent reason for buying this toilet for your racing yacht.


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