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The advantages of carbon fibre

Why Carbon Fibre is the right choice for your yacht toilet.

Carbon Fibre is a high quality, strong yet super-light material making it the ideal material for elite performance across sports and industries. From Auto racing, cycling and back to the marine industry.

It has been adopted in many areas of life due to its properties in both strength and weight. Carbon fibre is more costly than other materials like plastic, but it has cost advantages. The beauty of this product is that it is so strong, less can be used to create the same strength as the product it is replacing for a fraction of the weight.

There are many benefits of carbon fibre that can suit any yacht installation.

The Main Advantages of Carbon Fibre:

It remains durable in extreme conditions. Carbon Fibre won't degrade in poor conditions, it's a long-lasting and hard-wearing material which will last for years to come

It's very lightweight while keeping strength and stiffness. The carbon-carbon bond is one of the strongest in nature while being lighter than other natural and synthetic materials

It's aesthetics. Carbon fiber has become a sought-after look in product design for its high-end, slick look. It is coated with a clear-coat urethane providing a very high surface integrity which leaves no streaking when cleaned or polished.


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