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About our Carbon Fibre Toilets

All of our Carbon Fibre Toilets are individually custom made in Auckland, New Zealand. Designed and built for the requirements of racing yachts meaning their hard waring, sleek, and super lightweight in comparison to other racing yacht toilets. 


 Rather than refitting your head with a full carbon fibre toilet, we are offering a replacement carbon bowl, seat, and lid for your existing toilet. This not only saves weight but also prevents the need to change the plumbing system already in place. The video below shows how easy it is to ft.

Our carbon fibre marine toilets are on average 5.5kgs (12lbs) lighter than their ceramic counterparts and are priced very competitively. ​ We can supply either the replacement bowl, seat, and lid for your toilet, or the complete toilet system; electric or manual.

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Carbonfibre Toilets


35 Bay Road, Ostend, Waiheke Island,

New Zealand 1081


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